Les Vignerons de l'Île de Ré Coopérative vinicole

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The Ile de Ré and the vines have a long shared history!

We know that, from the 13th century yet, grapes were cultivated and transformed into wine by the cistercian monks. Since then, vine-growing never stopped from existing on the island and has even reached the 2000 hectares in 1950.

This is by the way the year in which the vine-growers have decided to gather and create a cooperative winery. This cooperative is located in Le Bois Plage-en-Ré on the Ré Island and is neighbours a market gardening cooperative.

In 2008, the garden market cooperative (which produces the well-known Protected Denomination of Origin Ile de Ré Potatoe) and the cooperative winery decide to gather to form Uniré, the union of the Ile de Ré cooperatives.

Since then, the Vignerons de l'Ile de Ré (the name of the cooperative winery, “the Ile de Ré wine-growers” didn’t start to develop and progress by constantly trying to improve the quality of their products.

Wines, Pineaux and Cognacs from Ile de Ré

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